For your company’s success on the internet, choosing a reliable Web Hosting Company is just as crucial as your Web Site Design and Development.   If you don't want to host your own web site (and most people don’t, due to the high cost of equipment and ongoing server maintenance), we can help!  It is important that you understand the basics  about web hosting which are further described below.


Domain Name:

A domain name can be purchased at any number of ICANN accredited domain name registrars.  Introductory prices for the first year of registration can be as low as $0.99 per year.  Believe it or not, we have actually seen rates as high as $50 per year, although the average annual cost for a domain name is about $12 per year. 


Web Hosting:

You do not have to purchase web hosting services from the same company that you purchase your domain from, but many times a hosting company will offer a FREE domain name with the purchase of their annual web hosting service.  We are here to help you get the best quality web hosting service at the most cost effective pricing.


Search Engine Submission:

We will submit your newly produced website and domain name to the top search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.  More extensive search engine optimization can be provided for an additional fee.  This work can be as simple or extensive as your budget allows.

Pirana Media


Web Hosting

Website Design / Maintenance / Web Hosting


Basic Shared Account     ($3.95 month)

For customers that purchase Web Design services from Pirana Media, we can also provide basic hosting for your website at a very low cost with no long term contracts.  This type of service would be ideal for a static informational type of website with very few annual changes or updates to the website.  With this type of hosting account, you would not have an email account with your domain name as a suffix which is customary with most full service hosting accounts.  In other words, you would need to use a 3rd party email service such as AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, or use your email account supplied from your current internet service provider.  Ask for more information.

For customers that need a full service hosting account with numerous email accounts using their own domain name, in addition to a full array of web hosting services, we have partnered with Just to provide you with a full service hosting package.  This is the same company that we use to host our company and personal websites.  Many times, Just Host offers unbelievable promotional discounts throughout the year.  Keep in mind that the longer contract term you are willing to sign up for, the cheaper the monthly cost.  You can also host additional websites at no additional cost.  For most hosting accounts, Just also provides a FREE domain name.  Check their site for discounts.

Full Service Account       ($4.95 per month for 12 months)       Includes free domain name



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