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Website Maintenance Agreement

Pirana Media will maintain your website and make the necessary changes and updates per your request.  We offer 5 different plans, one for everyone.  Our basic plan starts at $19 per month for a half hour of time.  This will allow enough time for several text changes, a few picture changes, maybe a featured product, possibly a special promotion or changes similar to these.  We will also monitor your site weekly for proper functionality.


Why Should We Maintain Your Website?

Your time will be freed up to run your business instead of spending hours learning how to maintain your site.


             (1) Our quick response time for updates and changes will always keep your site fresh.

             (2) We use extreme care while making changes and updates.

             (3) We know that your site and the information you supply are important to you and your business.

             (4) Having us monitor your site will assure that it is functioning properly and accurately.

             (5) We maintain a current backup, and archive all submitted files for your website


Website Maintenance Policy:

We define "Maintenance" as keeping the web site current.  It is not intended to be a new design.  We also maintain a current backup, and archive all submitted files for your website.


Your site will be submitted to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  In an attempt to make sure your site is valid, you may receive confirmation from one or all of these search engines.  It is your responsibility to continue registration and confirmation.


Updates are usually completed within 3 working days of the time they are received, excluding weekends and holidays.  We offer same day rush service if needed, for an additional charge of $50.00.  Updates received after 2:00 P.M. EST are not scheduled until the next business day unless prior arrangements have been made.


Your labor rate is calculated on the total time involved in completing the updates.  Billing occurs on the last day of the month, every month.


It is the client's responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that we need to make.  There will be no charge for any errors on our part.  However, if a change needs to be made due to client error, the regular hourly update fees will be charged.


We reserve the right to distinguish between "updates" and "new designs".  Changing the navigation, the adding of new pages, graphic changes, addition or deletion of buttons (just to name a few), are all considered new designs and charged accordingly to our normal hourly design rate.


Photo updates should be digitized pictures in common formats such as .jpg, .gif, .ai, .eps, .psd, .png and .bmp.  Text updates should be provided electronically (preferably by email).  Attachments should be in (1) Microsoft Word [.doc] format, (2) a text file [.txt] format, (3) Word Perfect file [.wpd] format, or (4) Oracle Office Writer [.odt] format.  Updates may also be sent on CD-ROM by postal mail.  This may require retyping data or the scanning of photos and may cost more to complete your changes.


Your web site may be using third-party components.  We have no control over third party sites and take no responsibility for loss of information due to any actions of these sites.  Any changes to your website stemming from regulations of these third party components will be billed at the normal maintenance rate of $50 per hour.

Maintenance Plans

Website Design / Maintenance / Web Hosting


Website Maintenance - Standard Hourly Rate = $50.00


There is a 30 minute minimum on all maintenance work.

All maintenance plans require a 1-year service agreement.

Payment can be paid in full at time of signing or at the end of each month.

Monthly payments will be billed via credit card.

Website Maintenance Plans



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Plan Name

Website Review

Monthly Fee

Maximum Hours


Once Per Month

$ 19.00

0.5 - per month


Once Per Month

$ 39.00

1 - per month


Once Per Week

$ 79.00

2 - per month


Once Per Week

$ 399.00

10 - per month


Every Day

$ 599.00

15 - per month