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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?   What if I don't like your work?


2.   I want to put my business online, but I don't know where to start. This is my first website, can you help me?


3.   What preparations does my business have to do to get online?


4.   What information should I have ready upon purchasing my design package?


5.   How much input do I have?


6.   If I already have a site can you help me improve it?


7.   Can you use my business's existing logo, brochure design, and other materials for my website?


8.   Does my business need to be computer-based in order to have a website?  Do I need to know about computers?


9.   What does 'Website Maintenance' or 'Website Updates' mean?


10. My company is in the service industry. Will a website help my business?


11. Who writes the copy/text for each of the pages on the website?


12. Do you offer payment plans?


13. What areas do you serve?


14. Are your Web Design costs one time?


15. Do you have your own servers?


16. Do I have to host with you?


17. Where are you located?


18. When I call, will I be speaking to someone in the U.S.?


19. Can I have a site that looks like this?


20. Have you built a site like mine before?


21. I want a site like eBay / MySpace / Youtube /...etc.  Can you do this?


22. How Does Your Web Design Process Work?


23. What is your typical turn around period?


24. Can you host our website and register our domain name?


25. Can I use my existing website address if I host with you?


26. After you have designed our website, can we manage it ourselves easily?


27. I live in New York, you are in North Carolina, how can we work with you? Should I not look for a local Company?


28. Do you offer Emergency After Hours Support?


29. Can you create a logo to go with our web site?


30. Can you help us get listed in Search Engines?


31. Will we get a chance to review and suggest modifications to the website before it is launched?

Website Design / Maintenance / Web Hosting



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